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URGENT! Huge problem with my Droid Incredible 2!

Hello All.

I purchased my Droid Incredible 2 on 10/28/11 and since then, it had a few minor problems, but nothing a factory reset couldn't fix. Yesterday morning was when EVERYTHING went downhill. I had about 12 or so updates for different apps and when I would go to update them, every single one failed and I got this error message saying: "Unknown Error: -110" I did a battery pull and then I got this notification that my phone was downloading a Firmware Update, well it was almost all the way installed when my phone's screen froze and that's when I did a battery pull, but everytime I would power my phone on, the Firmware would try to download and then an error message saying: "server unknown" would pop up then my phone would freeze. I ended up managing to factory reset it a few different times, but I think that made the problem worse because my phone was stuck in a boot loop. Now, when I power my phone on, it starts up fine and is normal, but after I unlock the screen, my phone freezes EVERY TIME and the only way I can turn it off is to do a battery pull.

I'm at my wit's end, my phone is vitrually useless after almost 2 months.

Also, there is no physical damage or water damage done to my droid(both water sensors have red X's in a WHITE background)

I do not have insurance on this phone because I didn't think I would need, seeing as how I've never had this severe of a problem with any cell phone before.