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Unlock Droid Mini?

I'm looking to purchase this phone in the US and use it on a carrier other than Verizon. I'm willing to pay for the phone outright if necessary. I'm looking to use the phone on T-Mobile's network, but I understand that the phone is tied to Verizon in the US. I contacted Motorola to see if they have an unlocked version, which they don't. They did tell me the following though:

If you're looking to use the phone with a different carrier, you can try contacting Verizon for the Subsidy Unlock Code. A "Subsidy Unlock Code" is a code that is unique to your phone. The code is assigned by the original service provider the phone was manufactured for so that it cannot be taken to another carrier for activation without their permission. The business (carrier) that the phone was originally manufactured for is the only one that will have this "block code" or "special code" information.

Now, my concern here is that I will pay around $500 outright for the phone, ask Verizon's tech support for the "Subsidy Unlock Code", and have them tell me no because I'm not a customer of theirs. I don't want to go through any less than legitimate means if I don't have to to get the phone I paid for to work with the network of my choice. If anyone has an idea, or has gone through something similar with a different phone, any help would be appreciated.