VZN scamming

I had three 900090000100, 900090003498, 90080000108 numbers text me - on was about my new bill was online (I just paid my bill!), the other two were saying my data usage was a 50% and then a few seconds later 75% used up.  I looked at my account - I haven't used that much.

SO - I tried calling to report this - but I got the old run around - which I hate- press this number, press that number - can't connect with a real person...

Verizon - how did my unlisted number get out is my first question.  I pay a monthly fee for this number to be protected - why isn't it, is my second question.

My 3rd is What is Verizon doing to protect is customers?


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Community Leader

Have you checked your MyVerizon account online to see if you are signed up for such alerts? The numbers look like they are coming directly from Verizon Wireless. The message would usually say "Free Verizon Wireless message..." or something similar. They already have your number if they are in fact sending them to you.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.