VZW 4G LTE data connection authentication issues

An interesting article appeared on why all the 4G LTE smartphones are having data connection problems with VZW network.





As far as data connections or any network issues are concerned, I think all VZW customers should start putting pressure on VZW to fix it rather than going after the device manufacturers. It is VZW who is selling us these phones with a 2 yr. contract and they should be responsible for all these issues. As customers, we shouldn't care how they will fix the issues, be it fixing their own 4G LTE technology bugs or any tower issues or getting the device manufaturers to fix the bugs in the devices. I believe VZW is getting a free pass by blaming the manufacturers most of the time. This is just my opinion.

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Beware.  I kept getting "No Data Connection" notices.  I was recently told it was not a network problem but a "known" problem with the Bionic.  Verizon just sent me a refurbished Razr to replace my Bionic.


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Also, I have not seen an official Verizon statement actually placing blame on the manufacturers for the LTE woes. Naturally, there might be the store rep or tech that will blame the phone makers.

Perhaps Verizon and the phone makers should get together on this issue. It's bad enough with things the way they are now, but if an LTE iPhone 5, or whatever it's gonna be, comes out next year and these data connectivity issues still remain, I see feces striking the rotary oscillator wind machine in epic fashion.

At least they have a little while, but they really need to get on the ball for the sake of the current LTE customers.

Geri O
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Verizon told me to contact Motorola on the data issue and not receiving the update.  When I called Motorola they tried to push the update 3 times and I did not get it any of the times.  I asked them if I could do a factory restore to get it and they said NO, THAT WONT HELP.  I am so frustrated with both as they do not either one care that I cant get the update.  Verizon wont do anything till the update comes and Motorola said they cant do anything else but wait for a new update.  I am very frustrated.

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Its a new technology. When 3g came out there were people with no voice or data services unless they fell back to 2g aka 1xrtt. LTE will be adopted globally. Cricket has it, leap does, sprint is jumping in and att is also jumping in. The technology will get better. it will be a global standard like GSM. We are early adopters so we will suffer a bit. True story there.