Verizon Notice of Dispute Form (Bionic 4G Data Drops)
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For those that are still using the Droid Bionic and having the 4G Data Drops here is another avenue for resolution.

In August and Sept Verizon issued me a $15 inconvenience fee as my data usage has gone down from 8-9 Gb's per month to 2-3 Gb's per month as I have had to use 3G only as the data drops on 4G make the phone unreliable.  This solution was acceptable to me since the software update was Early Q3 and then late Q3.  But now that the update is set for Q4 I asked for another $15 credit and Verizon said no more credits.

So I simply filled out the above form today and am asking for a credit for each month of service where I couldn't reliably use 4G or a a replacement phone of my choice that is agreeable to Verizon.

If we can't agree then according to the Verizon contract you can ask for Arbitration or go to Small Claims Court.

Hopefully this works for me and helps others as well.

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