Void of contract??

I have an Incredible 2 which I have been having problems with. These issues are manufacture related, not issues that I can control.

I have had this phone replaced 3 times in the past 2 weeks and each phone I get has the same issues. It's an HTC issue that they are

working on. Verizon is now offering me different phones because of this constant problem. They have offered HTC Rhyme and the Droid

X2. I am not interested in either phone. I wanted my phone that I chose. When I got this phone 6 months ago, my decision was between

an iPhone and this one. I chose this one...

Being that they cannot provide the phone that I chose in working condition, doesn't this void my contract? I do not want to go the next

2 years with a phone that I did not want nor choose. They offered a trade in, but I would only get $67 for my phone now. Really??

Frustrated. Please help.

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nope, contract is iron clad, i doubt a team of lawyers could get you out

they are trying to work with you, and offering other phones

what problem are you having?

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Its understandable not keeping what you paid for, but they are giving you options as, per your remarks, this is a known issue. Now you could very well keep your phone and deal with the issue until HTC delivers a fix, you could sent it to them to see if they can fix, you can accept another device, or cancel your service and pay the ETF. The last choice tho, would still render you without the phone that you paid for. The issue with the phone does not void the contract.