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Web Based Email Setup

So, while we wait for Verizon to figure out what they did to bork the towers... (12/7/2011)  I am wondering- Has anyone found a way to "set up" email account for the handset and then load them on instead of having to type them into the handset? I did the wonderful factory reset- cause you know, that's what we always do- and now I need to add .. um... a lot ... of email accounts back in.  I'd rather type it.

Re: Web Based Email Setup
Verizon Employee

Hi JstOneMoreDroid,


It seems as if you need to sync your email contacts to the device, so the information is in your phone. You would not have to type in each email address if the email contacts are synced. I'm sure that once the information is synced, it will be easy to send emails from your phone. This is a quick and easy process, and the information is below. 




Accounts & Sync

Add Account

Choose the email type (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Choose "Sign In"

Once signed in, you will have the option to sync the contacts from your email to your phone, just make sure that is checked. 

You will then get a message that your email account is correctly synced with the device. 


Here is a support link for the Samsung Charge, that can answer your questions, as well as questions from other users of this device.


Thanks and have a good day,