What is wrong with my phone??

hey all.... I need help.. my not so incredible ... incredible2 is on the fritz. My orange charge light began blinking 2 days ago and losing it's charge so i assumed my battery needed to be replaced. I went and spent nearly fifty dollars on a new battery put it in my phone and it worked I was happy for about 4 hours until my new battery started dying... I placed it on charge it showed it was charging... then just powered down and now is mysteriously dead. Any help or advice would be great.

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Hello Mrscdbaker,

Uh oh, a phone with no battery life isn't very useful! I am so sorry that your phone isn't holding or taking that charge! I appreciate you taking the time to get a new battery, and I will gladly provide some further suggestions.

It could possibly be the charger, I'm unsure if you have the same results when you use a different charger (like a car charger) or if another phone does or doesn't charge from the same charger.

It could also possibly be the charging port. Is there any physical or liquid damage? If you look inside the charging port is there any corrosion? Corrosion looks green/white and flakey, kind of like a car battery.

If not, great! If you're under warranty we should be able to replace the phone. If so, perhaps do you have insurance?

Keep us posted!


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