Why does my Incredible frequently just shut down?

I have recent system  update to 4.08.605.2 and now my Incredible shuts down unexpectedly.

Sometimes its when using the camera, sometimes when accessing text messages, and worst of all in the middle of a call.

It will do this at times over and over after restarting and simply touching any app on the home screen.

I had to do a factory reset in order to get it to complete the OTA so there are no weird apps on the phone.

I have noted others with a similar problem usually referred to as an unwanted reboot.


I've had this phone for less than a year, it has never been dropped or rooted & have taken very careful care if it.

This shouldn't be happening.

Come on Verizon, what is the problem here?

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Re: Why does my Incredible frequently just shut down?
Verizon Employee

Hi notdave9000,

I feel your discontent; I would be frustrated if my phone had rebooting issues. Since have already done a Factory reset and your phone is still within the one year manufacturer's warranty we can process a Certified Like New Replacement for you, see process at the link below:



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Re: Why does my Incredible frequently just shut down?


My Incredible phone is not just rebooting it it shutting down, as in turning its self off cold.

It will do this several times in a row before allowing access to any part of its basic features.

And does so in no predictable pattern.

I see that there are many complaints on the HTC site on this exact same issue.

I now learn that my unit is just past of it's 1 year warranty window and the best Verizon can offer is a discount on another phone.

It seems to me that Verizon should stand behind the phones it promotes and sells.

The Incredible was very heavily promoted by Verizon.

This phone is malfunctioning through no fault of my own and should last for at least the two years of the current contract.

Again, I have had this phone or just over a year and have taken very careful care of it.

I am a customer in good standing, have five lines with Verizon and been with Verizon for six years.

Come on Verizon, time for you to push back on HTC and do right by your customers!

It is unacceptable that I should be asked to shell out more money for something that ought to work correctly in the first place!

Re: Why does my Incredible frequently just shut down?

And another thing that is infuriating is the time spent researching the issue, contacting Verizon, going to a Verizon store, contacting HTC and so forth.

I am firm in my opinion that Verizon’s customer service should make good on the contract which is indeed providing the service, the largest most visible, immediate and important part of which to the customer is the very unit they sell to the customer.

It must last the entire term of the contract which is a minimal and reasonable expectation.