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Wi-Fi, Pphone providers, and Pandora

Hey everyone. Got my Droid X, love it, massive upgrade over the pile of useless that was my previous phone for far too long. I'm admittedly naive in the Droid world, however, and I just want to be sure I don't shoot myself in the foot on something.

When my phone is connected to a Wi-Fi, ANY Wi-Fi (office, home, cafe, etc), can I use Pandora without fear of data charges through Verizon? I don't have unlimited data, so I need to be careful about it, but yeah.

I realize it's a newbie question, but better safe than sorry right?

Re: Wi-Fi, Pphone providers, and Pandora
Sr. Member

yes, WiFi-only does NOT go against your data limits.  You can test & track this via the MY VERIZON MOBILE App on your phone.  Start WiFi and bring up Pandora -- check the Usage Overview at the top - the right hand side has your Data usage info.  You should not see it change when streaming using WiFi.