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Windows Mobile or Google Andriod?

O2 seemed like it was going to be my first smartphone.  I live in a rural area and iphone would not work.  Verizon is my only option for best connection.  Seems like a common theme.


Now I am learning about android.  Mostly what attracted me to O2 is the look and customization. Over the next two years I want to be able to change up the look and function.  My  verizon phones I have had so far quickly became boring.


I am new and looking for advice.  Which is my best direction long term?


Re: Windows Mobile or Google Andriod?

I am struggling with this myself.... My opinions are as follows:

-The TouchFlo3D and Spb mobile interface are brilliant. From what I've seen of android- its just like a desktop screen with icons and some gadgets... kinda boring. (though I guess an android HTC phone has touchflo3d)

-They say the android is customizable, but I still don't see anything near as customizable as windows mobile. the minute a new phone comes out, there are people working on cooking roms to make it an even better phone

-I took a gander at the android app store, I didn't see any apps that are must-haves for me- like wifi tethering, good driving GPS, office, etc. Of course, they do have a lot of "cool-to-have" apps... like a barcode reader and such.


On the other hand,

Android is definitely the "it" OS right now. It's on phones with good hardware. More people seem to be interested in getting apps for it. It has Google Voice app.


I think I am going to stay with Windows Mobile for now. Obviously microsoft has been kicked into high-gear now that the iphone has opened up the market again. so they'll probably keep pushing more people to carry their phones, create new apps, etc.


I just wish Verizon would release the stupid Omnia II already!!!!! Either Samsung is furious at Verizon for screwing up this release, or Verizon is furious at Samsung for screwing up this phone. (or both). But it is just as good as the Droid hardware-wise, so it would make my upgrade from imagio> omnia a no-brainer.


Re: Windows Mobile or Google Andriod?

I think after looking at the pics of the DROID, and the video......IM SOLD!! When can I get my hands on this awesome new peice of equipment?

Re: Windows Mobile or Google Andriod?

I've used MS Windows Mobile for about two or three years up to version 6.1 I will never EVER go back to it. BlackBerry OS is far superior, and though I have only touched the Droid for about five minutes (don't ask), it's very impressive.