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Worse phone I've had yet.

I've had a series of bad phones from different carriers and especially Verizon but The Droid Charge by Samsung definitely takes the cake. I've been fed up with this phone many times from a number of things but most of all the data drops, I'll usually be in a 4G zone or 3G with good signal and none of my data services will be working then all my signals drop (just leaving the Phone signal bars) this happens very sporatically and for varying periods of time through which not turning data off and back on or restarting can help. So I thought I finally reached a begrudging stalemate of contempt and would just deal with it for one more year when my contract was due for an upgrade or chance to jump ship, but wait, The Droid Charge is a giving phone that never wants to let up! Now I'm having trouble charging my phone unless I move it and the chord all around waiting for that charge vibration, if my past phones from Verizon are any sign then this phone should stop working with me and stop taking charges altogether soon. I figured oh well I'll just use my separate battery charging station and dock but even that is wanting to give me problems. Of course I checked all three chargers I have and none of them seem to impact this problem at all. Oh well maybe I should start looking up prices on ebay or browsing other phone stores real soon /end rant

Re: Worse phone I've had yet.

I have the problem that I will lose all signals including the phone signal bars and I have to restart the phone. This phone is a piece of crap.

Re: Worse phone I've had yet.

The earpiece speaker on my Charge was so lousy that I got tired of trying to understand what people were saying during a call.  I got it replaced once and the replacement phone was worse than the first one.  Since I still have a year and a half left on my contract and the very real possibility that I'd get still another  phone that did the same thing, putting up with the bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz instead of hearing actual words during a call wasn't an option.  I found a brand new Droid Bionic on eBay for a very good price so I bought it.  It's so much better than the Charge, there just isn't any comparison. 

Re: Worse phone I've had yet.
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I'm sorry to learn you've had a series of bad phones. I want to ensure you have a device that works properly and you enjoy our services. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message for further support.

Thanks so much,
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Re: Worse phone I've had yet.

I have experienced data troubles just as you have mentioned, but I suspect that the issue could one of two issues:

- kernel update on your device (do you have the latest software update of FP1, and do you have the latest GB update to 2.3.6?

- could be the tower in your area is having some difficulties.  do you have the same data drops when on Wifi or on 3G?  if not, then switch your mobile data to 3G until VZW can repair their tower (which I think they are pretty good at).

normally it's the latter, and usually does not last very long.  this is not a function of the phone, as this would impact all VZW 4G phones within the tower's range.