Yet another problem with the Incredible 2
Enthusiast - Level 1

Hey I've had my Incredible 2 for over a year now. And I have been dealing with a very annoying issue from the start. It's like a child not doing what their told. It crashes or just shuts off, then I have to take out the battery then back in to turn it on. Then again later it does it again. And even does it while I insert the charger. My Duechbag friend took it apart to "put his skillz" to the test to fix it. Then I broke his nose cause I didn't give him permission. Now he made it worse. It shuts off every hour. Warranty void! can't get replaced. I don't have the money to replace it with a diff. I know it's not software problem. I know my stuff when it comes to problems on computers or any type of tech. It's some sort of Hardware problem that deals with the Battery Connection port, or it's Charger/USB port. And I can't fix smart phones just computers and Xbox360's. I'm just a cook in the army. So even though I may not get any help but I at least have helped you guys out knowing where the problem is or narrowing it down to 2 possible parts.

I have gone to a Verizon store or shop and they said to update it when there are none. They can't replace it cause some one had to open it up. And I can't buy a new phone until I get a new job, or I finally deploy to Germany or where ever they ship me off to. But other than the random crashes and restarting the phone. It works great. I just wish it would stop doing it.