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battery issues...

as i have sat here for about 20 minutes reading these forums, i'm seeing i am not the only one who has an incredible 2 with a loose charging port and can't get the phone to charge.

i think its ridiculous that i have this phone and it not only has a defect, but a well known one that verizon AND htc know about and somehow i'm out of luck on any type of replacement or anything because i am out of warranty and by mistake my insurance was removed when i transferred over to this crappy phone.

i have read on a couple postings to get an external charging dock, so i did find one new on amazon for 10.47 including shipping. it should be here in a couple of days so i can try that. this all started about a month ago when i had a standard battery in and it wouldnt charge, so i transferred over to my extended battery. i didnt have any issues until 2 days ago when this phone decided to not charge. as i was unplugging it, i thought the port felt loose but thought nothing of it. now today i took this phone off the charger that it was on and charging last night, to it flashing that it was dead. now not only is this phone dead, it wont charge and i have no cell phone. i know it could be worse, but it isnt a joyride knowing the only way for ANYONE to reach me is by cell phone, how are they going to??

the way verizon does business these days is just appalling to me. i remember way back when my parents had sprint and switched to verizon becasue they were supposed to be this great, customer oriented company..YEAH RIGHT!!!!

any input would be helpful....please and thank you!