bioic is horrible!
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i have had the bionic for a month... the screen moves when it wants, internet when i can get the 3g or 4g service to work constantly freezes, when i type a text the letters show up as little dots sometimes, and why do i pay 30$ for data if I need wifi to download apps from the market?

Yes, I have taken the battery put, yes i have reset my phone and no one in customer service or in the store thinks there is a problem..

Can someone tell me what the problem is because between being put on another contract after I told the rep I wanted to pay full price for the phone and these problems I'm ready to cancel my service and go somewhere else.

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ashara5, I'm so sorry your having all these issues with your Droid Bionic. I understand how it feels to be frustrated with a product that you use daily for so many functions and it continues to have issues. I don't want you to cancel your service and leave our family. CharmingPhlsophr advised, we would like to know when the issues start occurring, was if after you downloaded a particular app, and does the phone have any damage? It sounds like you may have a phone that may need to be replaced.

Additionally, have you tried putting your phone into safe mode. Safe mode is a method that allows the device to run without non-essential applications. This is beneficial for locating any apps that may be causing functionality issues on your device. Listed below are the steps to enable and disable safe mode:

Enable Safe mode

  1. Power the device off.
    Note Press and hold the Power button then select Power off.
    Note If the device doesn't respond to input, remove and replace battery. Power the device on.
    Note Press and hold the Power button
  2. When the Motorola Dual Core screen appears, release the power button then simultaneously press and hold Volume Up / Down keys.
  3. Continue to hold the Volume Up / Down keys until Safe mode appears in the lower left.
  4. While in Safe Mode, remove the most recently installed applications. 
  5. Power cycle the device then attempt to use the device. 
  6. If the device works properly, install applications one at a time to identify the application causing the problem.


Disable Safe mode

  1. Power the device off.
    Note Press and hold the Power button then select Power off
  2. Power the device on.
    Note Press the Power button.

Lastly, what software is on your device? Motorola released a software update on February 7, 2012 that may help with some of the issues your having. I will list a link below for more information and steps for downloading the new software.

If you continue to have issues after updating the software, please send me a private message with your name and phone number and we can review your account, trouble shoot your phone and discuss replacement options.


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If these are the problems you are having and customer support/tech support have not indicated that this is a problem, the issue is either not being communicated well or not being understood well-enough. Which one it is, I could not say, but you are definitely presenting a problem that needs to be addressed by whatever warranty/insurance option is available to you.

I have a Bionic and, despite a few problems with data instability and keyboard issues (all of which have been resolved with the recent updates), I do not have any major problems. It is fair to mention that a coworker and my little bro have the same phone with not one of the problems I have ever had. On top of this, in the two plus years I have been on the Android OS, I have run through probably seven different devices - spending an awful amount of money - and this is the longest I have kept any DROID device outside of the original Incredible.

The questions which should be answered, though, are:

-Has the phone been rooted or has the attempt to root it been made?

-Has the phone been damaged, dropped, or exposed to water?

-Did this begin from day one or did it follow the downloading of an application?

I hope this helps build confidence in the phone despite your recent experience as well as a good starting point to proceed further. If I can help in any other way, please let me know.

Peace and love.