desk cradle problems and speaker (sound) problems

I have a droid charge and sometimes when I am using my phone it goes to the desk cradle by itself also within the past 2 days my phone won't make any sound unless I have my headphones in

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Hi jaw143mpj,

We definitely want to make sure your phone works the right way for you. In regards to the audio trouble, it sounds like there may be debris in the headset jack causing the audio to work without the headset. I encourage you to test any sound or music with the headset on and while the music is playing remove the headset and verify if any audio is present. I recommend if no sound is heard to check the headset jack and verify it appears in good condition and no debris is present.

Have you found that the cradle mode is activated when using a specific app or a specific service on the device? I recommend running the device in safe mode for 24 hours and verify if it doesn't occur. Please keep us posted.

Thank you,
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