droid 3 not scranning music

im having issues with my droid 3 scanning my music after adding/deleting music

i have music saved on the

internal storage under: mot(g)/dcim

sd card (32gb) under: mot(h)/dcim

i thought maybe it was having problems with the cards being excessively full so i deleted some files so that mot(g) has 1.43gb free and mot(h) has 1.66gb free

i went through all the files and made sure i had no none mp3 files, no .txt, .jpg, or any other non .mp3 files

also did a virus scan with no results

this seems to happen every time i delete/add music

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Hello Stemiched89! Thank you for sharing your concerns about your device and troubleshooting you have completed. First, how are you adding the music? Are you downloading music on the phone itself or syncing from a computer? After the phone scans, is your music added to the phone or deleted as it should be? How long does it scan?



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Hey stemiched89! Looks like you and I use similar methods for importing music to our handsets. I want to help you get the most out of your Droid 3, but I have questions. I'm curious about your exact process of getting music onto your D3's memory card. You state that you store music in the dcim folder on the formatted card. I was curious to know why you don't store in the Music folder, as dcim is normally where Digital Camera Images are stored. I would also ask about the files that are not found by phone. Even though they are format-supported (mp3), you may also want to make sure that any Digital Rights Management (DRM) settings of the music clips doesn't prevent the device from playing them. That happens sometimes. If that is the case, I would return to the source of the music to request copies that are not protected. I hope that helps!


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