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droid charge shuts off drains battery

my droid charge shuts off for no apparent reason( on the web looking stuff up, making a call ,sometimes it just shuts off )  I have 100% battery before it randomly shuts off. To turn it on I have to plug it into the charger. Then in 15 minutes the phone is fully charged. REALLY? This started about 3 weeks ago. Took it to VERIZON store they set it back to factory settings and the phone still during set up. The Verizon employee said MAYBE a new battery but that's no guarantee it will solve the problem. AND get this ....they don't sell the battery for this phone. I could go to some store called battery plus. I have only had this phone for 1 1/2 years so I'm still under contract and am not eligible for a new phone. Which by the way STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. I'm not the only one with this problem others are having the same issue. And really I don't think its the battery as others have bought a new battery and still have the same problem. What ticks me off is the DROID CHARGE HAS an ISSUE HERE  and no one is doing anything about it. Verizon should be looking into this ...I refer to their The Worry Free Guarantee ....The Worry Free Guarantee is multifaceted, but the core of the message is that customers who choose Verizon Wireless are getting a commitment that we will stand behind the products and equipment we sell. Apparently that's not true. This phone is garbage...I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED and EXTREMELY DISTURBED. A phone should last at the very least the life of the contract and now I'm stuck with a worthless piece of garbage who can't and will not pay full price ($500.00) really! for a new phone.