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droid incredible 2 faulty charging port

I have a droid incredible 2 and have seen numerous posts on this website and on HTC's regarding a faulty charger port and wanted to hear of how people had this issues resolved or not.

Verizon, HTC, and PCD the company that repairs these phones for Verizon or something....all told me "unfortunately that isn't a KNOWN issue with this phone"? and that they are unable to help me unless I just buy a new phone at phone price. Are you serious? How many people have wrote on this forum and HTC's forums about this same exact issue and they want to act like its the first time theyve ever heard about it when I call. Seriously disappointed with the lack of customer service so far on this matter. How can you flat out lie about a problem so commonly discussed?

I am out of my 1 year time frame...but this is still a widely experienced and discussed problem on this phone. A problem is a problem, its not our fault that this port is bad on these phones. Mine just happened to take a little bit longer to surface and I don't think we should be responsible when something happens this way.

I bought a new car charger, wall charger, and even an extended life battery just to be certain it was the port itself. The phone charges 1/5 times that I try, and if so its barely significant.

Has anyone had experience getting their phone exchanged if it was after the 12 month mark?? What should I do. Thanks for any advice.

(In the future I will buy the insurance but I will never buy an HTC phone.)