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droid problems

my droid phone has been spazzing out for the past couple of hours. my text ringer will constantly go off and i cant even do anything on my phone with out it saying this application has stopped running and force close. The people at motorolla said it was the phone, but looking on here it seems as thoug its verizon. Help!!!

Re: droid problems
Sr. Member

OK, we need a lot more details to try to help you. Whether it's Verizon or Moto really is of no or little significance - it's the Phone after all & Verizon will be on the hook to provide support for it (if you call them).

- Is this a Droid X or X2 ?

- How long have you had the phone?

- When did the problems start?

- How frequently do you have the "spazzing out" situation? Reproducible?

- Does it behave the same way in SAFE MODE? or have you even tried that?

- Have you done a CLEAR SYSTEM CACHE procedure? Battery Pull?

- Have you done a Factory Reset? (highly recommended after the Gingerbread update)

Re: droid problems

Also note any apps recently installed or any changes you may have done recently to further help solve your issue.