droid x not working

Our Droid x phones will not call out  to each other but i can call my husband who has a iphone is therea problem going on... it has been like this for a few hours. i can still get to email and facebook though

Re: droid x not working
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very confusing.  Can you be more specific?  Mine has no issues calling out right now.  How many "bars" do you have for the communication? Are the bars BLUE or WHITE? When did this start happening?

Re: droid x not working
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Thanks, Cody21, for your reply.


Hello clinjj,


Thanks for posting! Are you still experiencing difficulties calling out? I do have to gather additional information in order to better assist. Are you only having issues dialing to one specific number? If you are, and this number is stored under your contacts, I recommend you attempt to dial the number manually and check if your issue persist. Can both of the Droid X devices receive calls? What zip code are you located in at the moment? Do you receive an error when placing a call? If you haven’t already, can you power cycle both of the devices and retest. Feel free to post if you’re still experiencing this difficulty so we can further assist.