fully charged phone will not completely turn on.

my droid charge start up screen continues to recycle over and over again and never actually turns on.  The back of the phone gets really hot as well.  I have taken the battery out and restarted it several times and it will not come on.  It is fully charged.

Re: fully charged phone will not completely turn on.
Customer Service Rep

It looks like our assistance is needed here jlkm. I can help with your device powering on. May I ask what's the last action taken on the device before this issue started? Can I assume that there isn't any liquid or physical damage on the device? Also, I would suggest verifying that you info on the device is backed up. In most cases, a factory reset needs to be done to resolve. Here's a link on how to do so, http://vz.to/1lAFzT1

Thank you…

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