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amy phone is stuck in portrait position, i want it to go to landscaqpe, but does not.  what setting do I go to fo fix this>?  thanks

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Settings>Display>Auto-rotate screen

(assuming there's nothing broken/wrong)

Re: help with position
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Hello nini05,

I see that you are a fellow Bionic owner! I LOVE my Bionic! It’s super fast and surprisingly versatile. The Bionic is definitely my go to phone while I’m on the go! May I ask were you able to resolve the screen issue? The steps that HighDesert are great as they are SUPER accurate, thanks HighDesert! IF you are still experiencing an issue with the screen rotation then try to remove the battery from the phone then retest, once the battery is re-applied of course! As a plan B, if the battery pull doesn’t work then the final step would be a factory data reset. Below is a link on how to complete the reset.

As always, I encourage that a back u is done of all personal information on the device prior to completing a factory reset. Contacts can be archived using Backup Assistant Plus. Also, contacts and calendar entries can be transferred to the Gmail account that’s on the phone. Once the reset is complete, the phone would need to be reactivated and setup. There is a brief tutorial on how to do then upon boot up. Once the device is setup, I suggest testing the screen rotation to confirm that the issue is resolved. If you could be so kind to post your findings after you can completed one of the steps above then that would be great for other community members to know what to do!

Thank you…

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