how well does the Droid Charge do when dropped accidentally?
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how well does the Droid Charge do when dropped accidentally? any screen or internal damages?


I'm probably going to have some kind of rubberized case.

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Please consider getting an otterbox commuter case at least from amazon or

the defender series otterbox case with screen protector case isn't being shipped yet so i am using

the otterbox commuter case with verizon wireless store's 3pack of screen protectors - i do not like screen protectors but verizon sells the ones for the charge specifcally and it will

hold me over just fine until defender ships in august or september


either case helps to not accidentally press the power button easily while holding this droid Charge


there's my advce


ps these add bulk to phone i like the commuter case it is way sturdy polycarbonate or whatever STRONG black plastic with port covers except for hdmi that already has a cover built into phone


the defender series will be bulkier



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Dear potove,


I hope I never have to find out!


However, I would assume that the Charge, which is mostly plastic, will not do as well as some other phones with metal frames and shells.  BTW, I got my Charge because I dropped my (unprotected) old Motorola Droid 1 in a parking lot, and cracked the glass.


I use the Verizon shell/holster case and like it a lot, but I can't tell you it would really protect the phone in all fall situations.  In the shell, removed from the holster, a couple of the corners of the phone are exposed and if they hit a hard surface, I think there would be damage of some sort, although it might be cosmetic.