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invalid battery

I just went into verizon to figure out why i can't use my phone...when I try to turn the phone on it shuts right back off and says invalid battery...let me tell you it's not the's the stupid phone!!! I've had sooooo so many problems with this phone and I am NOT a happy customer because they will not let me upgrade. The phone is a piece...they keep sending me a new one of the same phone. This will be my third droid phone. Needless to say if i still have problems which im sure I will I will be switching providers! I will now be 3 to 4 days without a phone.....Very unhappy customer!!!!

Re: invalid battery

I too have had same problems with not much help. Currently says connect your charger. Did. Doesn't charge. Turns off. Powers itself back up with same message and battery indicator shows charging lightning bolt. Then powers off. Had battery tested and its OK. Tried another newer battery and still the issue. Was talked into buying new chargers and they didn't help. Found someone to check my old chargers with and they still work so not a charger issue. Have service program and no go on help with that other than buy new battery.

Re: invalid battery
Customer Support

Oh my goodness! I am very sorry to hear that you are having such trouble with your battery customer123! I do agree that we do not have a problem with the battery or any charges; this is most certainly a phone issue. If I may ask, have all your replacements had the same problem? It may be an application or file that keeps getting put on the phone that is doing this (battery saver app or task killer). Please remove these if you have them. Also, please try safe mode ( and see if the device is working better.

I did not find any known issues with the battery on this phone, so we certainly want to get down to the bottom of it. You said that there were other problems; what were those? Let's make you that happy customer! Please let us know.


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