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issues with the Bionic

I posted a couple days ago that I've had several replacement Bionics and each replacement has had major issues. Then I was offered, the Lg Revolution as a "suitable replacement" which is a severe downgrade in specifications and from what I read, is never getting a software upgrade.  I asked if there was any other option besides the Lg Revolution or the Bionic and I was told "no, that is what came up in the computer as a replacement" I don't really see how offering the same defective phone as a replacement or another phone with downgraded specs is really helpful. I mean, I wasn't expecting an Iphone 5 or an SIII but, at least give me a phone that works. The Bionic was hyped up to be their flagship device and once it started having problems it was abandoned and taken off of the  . My Bionic started messing up on right after my return window. I purchased it as soon as it was released. In my opinion Verizon should compensate their customers that purchased the Bionic by either providing a new device, an account credit, or at least allow you to upgrade to another device at the discounted price. Because I'm really tired of getting Bionic replacements over and over again. I've been told several times(by a VZW rep., who was very nice) that an update is supposed to be coming out, that "may" fix the problems with the Bionic, but no one knows when it is going to be released. So I'm pretty much stuck with a phone that may have 4G, that may have Internet, and may have the ability to retrieve txt messages or make phone calls. It seems funny that if I didn't pay my bill, my phone would be disconnected, even though I'm paying for services that aren't working properly.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Re: issues with the Bionic
Sr. Member

You need to escalate to Executive Relations. They offer the Razr all day long as a replacement for the Bionic. Some have even received the Razr MAXX if they had en extended battery on the Bionic.