lots of issues in the past few days (droid 2 and possible issue with iphone5)

i have a droid2, my husband has an iphone5.  different accounts.  starting 4 days ago, he is suddenly not receiving my texts.  i can get his, but when i reply, nothing.  we've tried again yesterday and today, still nothing.  i texted a sprint iphone5 user and she got them so i dont know whats going on.  but now he tells me he called me as well 3 days ago and it went straight to VM, no missed call notifications.  phone was on and receiving texts from my spring iphone5 friend around the same time he called so all of hers were received no problem.  yesterday i was trying to use the navigation and it would not find the satalite or whatever.  i could go to google and get a map, but it would not find my position for the GPS (tho my garmon was having issues as well at the same time, so maybe everyting was freaking out).

anyone else having issues?  i called him today and he got that, still not texts but email went through.  i've used 47 of my 250 texts so thats not it, and he's been getting texts from coworkers so i have no idea what's going on.

i'm hoping to upgrade next week, didnt want to spend the $ unless i had to, but this looks like it's about there now...

Re: lots of issues in the past few days (droid 2 and possible issue with iphone5)
Customer Service Rep

Hello and happy Sunday slickmickey,

This is truly an unusual situation. As your wireless provider, we know that having consistent and reliable wireless service is at the foundation of your wireless needs. It will be my pleasure to partner with you and get this issue resolved once and for all! Let's start with how much available device memory does your husband have on his device? Can I assume that there isn't any liquid or physical damage on his device? I would suggest check your account to ensure that there isn't any blocks on the account that could stop the two of you from communicating with each other. Call & Message blocking has the ability to create this situation and I want to make sure that this isn't the case between the two of you.

Thank you...

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