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low in call volume (only in-call)

My phone is a droid 2... worked fine earlier today.  Worked fine on bluetooth.  Then tonight the in call volume is sooo low that I can only hear if I put it on speaker and put the speaker up to my ear on max volume.  Everything else uses the speaker just fine, it rings fine, it notifies just fine... it's only in call.  I cannot adjust the in call volume any higher.  I tried taking the battery out and rebooting.  nada.   I tried a factory reset and... nada.  but the speaker works just fine, and I'm told it sounds fine, but I cannot hear for anything.  I'm going to take the battery out overnight and try it again in the morning...

HELP!  I am literally up for upgrade in a few days but wasn't planning on upgrading because I really liked this phone.  REthinking that now...

Re: low in call volume (only in-call)

Funny thing, when this happend to my phone, call sound with speaker off would come out in the speakers in the back and you could barely hear anything like if that was the earpiece, when I turned on speaker, sound would come out of the ear piece and would be extremely loud. How I fixed this: turn off phone > pull battery out > disconnect anything connected to device (headphones, charger) > wait at least 40 secs > reboot > unlock phone and wait for it to boot up (leave it unlocked by itself, if it sleeps just let it do that) > then try again