no so smart

I purchased this droid x2 for my son a couple moths ago.  He was so excited to finally get a smart phone.  Turns out the phone is not so smart after all.  It chooses what text to send and when to just shut down.  I have taken the phone back to Verizon THREE times now.  Once they did a hard reset, next they ordered a refurbished phone and just Saturday my daughter took the phone back to Verizon and the sales person said the phone was a bad choice and we need to just call Verizon support.  What horrible CUSTOMER service espically after being with this company 10 years.  I only wish I were not stuck in contracts for the 4 phone lines I have with them.  I am at wits end with this phone.  Any advise for anyone HELPPPPP!!!!!!Smiley Sad

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