nothing but issues!

For the first few months my Incredible was well, incredible, but i had the same issues as everyone else with the low on space messages. Whatever that can be and has been fixed. My phone freezes all the time. My phone reboots ALL the time. I had to factory reset my phone because i couldnt get into market place and thats all the verizon help desk could figure out. back up assistant didnt "backup" all my contacts which pissed me off and i almost switched providers then. Today my phone randomly rebooted, didnt think much of it because as i stated earlier this happens all the time. about an hour later i look at my phone and it factory rest ITSELF!!!! contacts gone, pictures that werent on SD card gone, aps not on SD card gone. Everything is gone off my phone, even the favorites widget that i LOVED. i am so unbelievably disappointed with this phone. The last thing i want to do, for the 3rd time, is go through and put pictures back on peoples contacts... not to mention i cant even do favorites without downloading an ap for that. UGH