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phone call options changed? no more 'missed' 'dialed' 'received' calls?

what the heck??? this droid bionic is getting to be a real pain! what happened to my simple options on the PHONE portion of this mini computer? geez! the old flip style phones were MUCH easier to use and learn! this darn droid keeps changing stuff on it's own!!! How can I get back my SIMPLE phone options? I like to see the list of 'missed' or 'dialed' calls!!! help!! anyone else have this problem?

Re: phone call options changed? no more 'missed' 'dialed' 'received' calls?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

The Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System update changed a lot of things, including how the phone items are displayed, as you've encountered.  Open your dialer, then the Recent tab at the top, then look to the right of each entry ... dialed calls have a green arrow, received calls have a blue arrow, and missed calls have a red 'backwards' arrow.