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phone completely unresponsive

my inc2 was charging lastnight. i pulled up a webpage quickly then it powered off. the red light flashed less than five minutes. then it was done. i have tried taking the battery out, the volume down reset, even went to verizon where the guy told me, you can "call"-HELLO?! CAN'T CALL!-pay $99 plus extra for quicker shipping to get it sooner because you have insurance. well what good does that do in an emergency? i have factory reset it once already and replaced the battery. went to three businesses in my area and no one can help me. my upgrade isn't for two months. have limited funds as i'm sure most do, especially this time of year. i also have a special needs child and i cannot be without a phone. from what i am reading here this is an htc problem? you no longer carry the battery either? what gives?

Re: phone completely unresponsive

same boat here...wife's phone...only we woke up to the HTC screen yesterday and never could get it to go past that...factory resets, battery outs, yadayada.  update push gone wrong?  something else?  conveniently 2wks past the warranty period...imagine that.

go to store, use my upgrade status to replace her phone...and now that one (LG Lucid) has been chewing on the "wait for activation" screen for the better part of a day.

TWO unresponsive phones.  two royally annoyed customers.