"OS Services" using excessive data amounts

I'm using My Data Manager to monitor my data usage,

starting last month, i saw an app called "OS Services" is using too much data, 100mb per day (at least)

by the end of the month OS Services took little bit more than 3GB

is anyone having this same issue?

i have not installed any new apps or changed the way i used my phone at all, i use my phone for the same things as usual, and before i would hardly reach 1.5GB per month of total usage in all apps.

i have backups disabled, GPS location services disabled,i only do app upgrades when on wifi...and still, OS Services is STEALING my data plan.

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I'm glad you're trying to monitor your data friedenswind. OS Services are just your standard Operating System services that are installed on your device and generally run in the background to keep your android functioning as a smartphone. You're definitely taking the right steps to disable data when you can. You can even disable background data http://bit.ly/SMIRH5 or use the phone's built in Data Saver http://bit.ly/t5bIn8 to manage your data as well.

Also, the most accurate way to watch your actual data usage that contributes to your data allowance would be through dialing #DATA on your phone, through the My Verizon application, or online at www.vzw.com/signin. Third party applications like My Data Manager generally don't take all of your mobile data into account, and may not remove certain data that doesn't count toward your usage. If you check your actual data usage using one of the methods I suggested and compare it to the data used in My Data Manager, does it come out to the same amount?

Keep me posted if you continue to experience trouble with applications you don't recognize using data.


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im glad to see a verizon representative takes a look at these posts.

i have just disabed background data, and see how it goes, data saver wouldnt be of much help because im already manually doing what data saver does. i never download large stuff while not on wifi.

its still using data like crazy, even though im now a data nazi, i even uninstalled facebook which was the most data costly app. It just doesn't make sense to me how i have always been using my phone the same way and suddenly it uses the double my previous data averages, and now im even keeping my data usage at a paranoid minimum and still im at 1.5 gb so far this month.

is there a help/feature whether from verizon or any you know, that would tell me like a list of ip addresses or web addresses i visit the most? that would definitely help hitting the real source of this crazy data usage.