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"Safe Mode".

I turned my Droid Incredible on this morning and found a shaded box with the words "SAFE MODE" in it.  I have tried restarting my phone and shutting it completely off with same results.  What is this and how do I fix it (removed battery?).  Prior to this the phone was working fine with a near full charge on it.


Re: "Safe Mode".
Customer Service Rep

Hi there PWilliams!

Wow! We definitely don't want your phone stuck in safe mode! I'm surprised rebooting your phone didn't resolve the issue. Thank you so much for trying everything you've done so far!  I will be delighted to provide some information.

First, this is the normal process for safe mode:

Since that hasn't been working for you though, you may have to actually Hard Reset your phone. Have no fear though!

Your phone contacts are generally backed up either via backup assistant or gmail. You media is generally backed up to you SD Card, but just to be safe I would back up your pictures and videos to your computer like this:

You can redownload all of your applications by visiting and choosing the My Android Apps tab!

When you're ready you can reset your phone by following these steps:

Please keep me posted!


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