"Starting RSD Protocol Support/Battery is too low to flash

Hello, on my 6th Droid X/2, and have nothing but problems with them.

Now, I'm 800 miles from home on business and my device has that message. From reading on this board, my phone is toast.

I have called Verizon countless times, told that I pretty much haven't complained enough... found out that most of the times I went to complain in store weren't logged so they don't have an excessive amount of complaints from my account yet.

I have also visited my local store in New Braunfels TX, only to be told that I can upgrade early using some "management override", although if I use this route I would have to purchase price of upgraded phone PLUS $100.00 of accessories. This is insanity, given my countless claims on insurance, countless replacement batteries, and devices.

Please, I don't know what else to do and feel like a victim.

I need a resolution ASAP.

I hate to repeat myself, but again I'm 800 miles from home and now without a phone AGAIN....

Please, Verizon, HELP ME...

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Good afternoon texasfirefighter501!

I completely understand how frustrating it could be so far from home without a working device. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message so I can review the warranty options from Motorola.

Thank you,
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