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similar charging issues.. question about replacement

Hi all,

Thanks to this board, I see that a lot of ppl are having the same problem.. The port is loose.. I can sometimes wiggle it and find the exact perfect position, and charge it for a bit before an imaginary breeze knocks it out... always wake up with a dead phone. Most of the time it's been bent too far to connect anymore. My PC doesn't recognize the device anymore, so I can no longer use it to sync through the cord, and the PC sometimes wont enough voltage to power it anyway, even if I can get that orange light to light up.. it mocks me.


Verizon says they will replace it. But if they get mine back and decide that *I* damaged it, I'll be charged the $500. No change to get mine back and submit it for an insurance claim.. I must take this gamble, or take their advice... just pay the insurance instead of risking it.

There are teeny scratches on the surface of the rubber frame, but considering I've had it since June of last year, I'd say 11 months with ZERO screen damage or anything else really broken is impressive. The man in the verizon store said those scratches will probably "prove" that i "must have dropped it."

So I called HTC and was told I could mail it to their subcontracted team of ppl who can fix the port.. for free. Seems that if I'd be getting a refurbished where people have had the same problem over and over, this is my best bet.  But it's at least 2 weeks turnaround time, and I simply just drop my phone in the mail to them, and hope it gets there and gets back to me safely...

Just wondering if anyone has worked with PCD and has any advice. Or if I really shouldnt have a problem trading in my phone despite the tiny scratches.. maybe this is easier?

Re: similar charging issues.. question about replacement

You may want to send it in to HTC and let them fix the port.  I just got a replacement from Verizon and it was worse than the phone I currently have.