texted photo keeps reappearing

I sent a text with a new photo, taking the picture as new from the text feature.  This same photo is the one that gets sent every time I try to do this with a new picture.  If I take a new photo originating from the camera and then attach it to the text it works fine.  I cannot find this original photo anywhere on the phone, in the files, gallery or on the SD card.  How do I delete it permanently?

Re: texted photo keeps reappearing
Customer Service Rep

Wow, how frustrating it is to initiate a picture message and see the same photo. Let's get this fixed. Are you using a picture messaging application other that what is on the phone? Check pictures, vidoes, downloads, and any other apps that may contain that picture. I would also delete the text/pic thread or message that contained the original picture. If you continue to have issues, try deleting the picture/text drafts. Please let me know if this information helped. I have had this issue and this worked for my Droid incredible 2!