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two questions

My droid bionic is at 85% processor usage. It is due to Verizon add on bloatapps that I do not use I need to delete SOE of these, or get a new phone. The new phone will be bloatwared too. Bionic is 16mb ram and 32mb memory card.

Second question: I have unlimited data plan. How do I tether my laptop for no addl charge above my 79 buck data charges!

I am thinking about Walmart service plan to save some money and save my droid bionic phone from Verizon useless bloatapps.

Re: two questions

My Bionic started doing this last April, ended up with a new S5.  There are a couple of apps that you can use to "tune" your phone.  DU Speed Booster will clear out old junk and free up memory.  DU Battery Saver will shut down useless apps and save some battery time.  I mention these because I've gone through several and found these to be the best.  I use my Bionic now as an MP3 player and music streamer from my wifi.  An old phone isn't useless, just won't make calls!

Instead of a thethering plan/$$$, look at FoxFi.  I believe the paid version is $9.99 one time cost.  I used this on my Bionic and it worked well.  Now using it on my S5 and get pretty fast 4G throughput, very happy with it.

Good luck, but you'd be surprised what a new 4G phone will do (after all the Bionic is over 3 years old!)