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How can I upload pictures from my droid 2 global to a mac?

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Hello dianeski,

It's always refreshing to see a fellow Macintosh user on the forums! May I ask what version of OS X are you running on your computer? The Droid 2 has this neat feature where the device can be recognized as a mass storage device, kind of like USB drives! Simply plug your Droid 2 to the computer using the USB cable that it came with and within a few seconds the Droid 2 will prompt you to mount the device or select mass storage, depending on the software version on the Droid 2. Once you have done so then the mac will have a generic icon on the desktop.

Traditionally, the generic icon will look like a light gray or white media drive on the desktop on the mac. Simply, click on this drive and a window will open up that looks similar to the "Finder" window. On the left side of the window is where you will look for your device. As you click through the menus on your device icon in the window, you will be able to access your pictures from the pictures folder in your phone. From there you can simply drag and drop your pictures from your Droid 2 to the desktop of your Mac. Yes, it's that simple! If you have any additional questions or concerns then feel free to reply to this message for more help.

Thank you...


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What are your instructions for a SAMSUNG Galaxy III to a MAC to transfer pics?

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Hi Dale
Great Question! Here's an awesome link that will help with transfering pictures to a Mac: http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=58967#tocomputer

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

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