why do I keep losing service?

A couple weeks ago I got a replacement DroidX2 through the insurance company, the first one I had I never had any issues with but for some reason I continue to lose service with the new one.  Not able to text or call anyone.  It comes and goes.  Anyone have any solutions?  Wondering if I need to have this one replaced as well.

Re: why do I keep losing service?
Customer Service Rep


Oh no! Unreliable service is no fun, so let's get this fixed & bring some consistency back in your life! If you are experiencing new issues with the replacement device that you previous have not experienced, it may be a defective device. Do you experience these service issues in one particular location or zip code? I would recommend removing your battery for 30-60 seconds & completing a *228 option 2 reprogramming of your device. Your replacement phone should still be covered under warranty, so if any issues persist please contact us for a replacement.

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