yet another incredible 2 problem

I've had the incredible 2 since October 2011. This is my third one. First, the charger portal broke. Same for the second one. Now it simply stopped working. The screen just won't turn on. The buttons light up and it was flashing green before, and now nothing. I didn't drop it or get it wet. I went to work and when I got out it was like this, and it was in my pocket the whole time. I'm so sick of this phone it's almost unbelievable. There's glitches all the time, half the time my apps shut down, and the other half of the time it's dying. I refuse to pay another 100$ to replace a crappy phone when my upgrade is in less than two months. My warranty is obviously up so I'm SOL with that. I'm letting it charge tonight, if it doesn't work tomorrow I'm going to the nearest store and throwing it through the window. I shouldn't have to pay 100$ twice a year for a phone that already costed like 250 just to keep getting it replaced. Let alone the bill with it's hidden fees for everything when my service is pretty much nonexistent in my own home. Getting really sick of all of this.

Re: yet another incredible 2 problem
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I don't know what's wrong with your phone and I won't subject you to all the "do a factory reset" yada yada. My only advice is to ask family and friends if anyone has a smartphone you can use for a couple of months.