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4.4.2 Update Issues

My phone has turned to junk since the 4.4.2 update. All of my notification sounds have been changed, my SD card is now corrupt, my battery is draining after being off the charger for 5 hours and having literally no use. I received an error message about apps being incompatible but it didn't list which ones. Everything is running SO MUCH slower I can't stand it. Can anyone help me with these issues? Thank You!

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Re: 4.4.2 Update Issues
Customer Support


I absolutely apologize for all of the issues you have been experiencing on your device since the most recent software update. These updates are meant to enhance your device and offer better features.

Since these issues began, have you performed a hard reset?


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Re: 4.4.2 Update Issues

How stupid!  Hard or soft rest does not work.

Here are my issues:

changed icons...look terrible

using too much battery

every app appears to be much slower in coming up/down and operating

text/messaging does not work properly

   does not notify, either ring or light

   cannot change text or background

   hate the bubbles

   hate the pictures thing

hate the new phone keypad

phone 'recent' is totally different  hate the picture thing again

contacts...hate picture thing again

app does not recognize SD card any more

hate the new power up/turn on/unlock crap

material change in phone, not acceptable

deleted at least three apps...what are they?

My question:  Since C=Verizon gives no choices on upgrades, lied about what they were upgrading and made material changes to phone, are there any class action law suits yet?  Anybody want to join in one?

Why do they think that these changes are better?  It is the same as taking an expensive car in for an oil change and getting it back with an ugly chartreuse paint job, purple wheels, ripping out the dash and putting in crappy gauges, a chain steering wheel and wooden seats.  Why can't I keep something as I like it?  What arrogance!  I am just totally fed up!

Re: 4.4.2 Update Issues

In addition to apps not recognizing SD card, I just discovered that I can no longer get to the SD card!  I now have no way to backup the things on internal storage to the SD card!  This has to be fixed!  Computer no longer recognizes the phone when plugged into the USB port (I have yet to figure out how to copy and paste!!!, does it work?)  Again, I am so tired of being screwed by Verizon.

Aside:  When I checked the updates from the link Verizon provided on Kitkat, the site did not work!  Today, when I tried to find some kind of support for my problems, apparently Verizon is not interested and this forum was the only outlet.  So, I had to create a new account to use.  I chose a userid of 'pissedoff'.  Said it was already in use.  So I chose 'fedup' but already in use.  So I then chose 'fedupwithverizonandgoogle'.  It accepted that.  So, I come back in and it shows my userid as 'fedup' and on the forum as 'fedupwithveriz' and shows my actual name as user!  How stupid!

I go through this because while this are fairly trivial, albeit bad, they are strong signs of a company in trouble.  So buyer beware.  Next is they will start cutting services.  Next come layoffs.  Next the news media is all aglow over the fact that executives have been lying about revenues and profits.....I say 18 months.  Look at AT&T, Chrysler, etc...see a pattern?

So, think they are going to fix kitkat?

Re: 4.4.2 Update Issues

I am so pissed off, too.  My phone gets hot, my battery life sucks now... and I see all these suggestions to hard reset, soft reset, etc.  MY time is money.  How about VERIZON fix this?

I hate the key pad, too.  And the icons.  I hate my phone now.

Re: 4.4.2 Update Issues

I liked your user name, so I made something similar. Smiley Happy  Let's see if BigBrother changes it.