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4 Refurbished phones - this is ridiculous!

After a single incident requiring me to replace a damaged phone (my autistic son threw it out the window of a moving car), I paid the deductible, received a replacement refurbished phone, and have had nothing but headaches ever since. That phone failed while still under warranty, then the replacement phone failed, and then that replacement phone failed, and now I am waiting for shipment of yet another replacement phone.

All of the issues noted in this forum have affected my phones, from failure to charge, to failure to maintain a charge, to constant crashing, to a black screen that prevents me from answering incoming calls. With the current device I literally have to power it off and back on every single time I want to use it, and multiple times during a single 20-minute period, and when the phone rings I can't take the call. I have to power the phone off and then call the person back. Ridiculous.

VERIZON, ARE YOU PLAYING MUSICAL CHAIRS SHIPPING CUSTOMERS' DEFECTIVE PHONES TO EACH OTHER? I have been been paying for device insurance for several years, ever since I bought the phone new. While it's great that you replace the phone in 24 hours, you are sending me defective units, requiring me to do factory resets and constantly reinstall and reactivate apps, back up downloaded files, and re-verify my device with online banking and other services. I am a single mom of a special needs child. I don't have time for this! All I'm asking is that you upgrade me to some other device if you can't get your hands on a working Droid Turbo 2. I requested that on the phone with the rep the last time and instead you sent me yet another phone that failed in less than 2 months.

I left a detailed 1-star review with the Better Business Bureau and noticed that Verizon is averaging 1 star in BBB ratings. That makes me want to pursue this in small claims court. It would be worth the $50 fee just to make Verizon send a representative to my little town to defend the suit so I'm not the only one losing time over this issue. I'm also drafting a letter to my Illinois representatives to urge them to introduce a lemon law to set a limit on how many defective phones Verizon can ship to a single customer. Anyone else here on their 4th phone?

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Re: 4 Refurbished phones - this is ridiculous!

Insurance is through Asurion not Verizon Wireless.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.