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Annoyance when plugging Razr into computer's USB

This new Razr HD is my third Verizon/Motorola phone. When I connect it to my computer via USB (usually for recharging, but sometimes to access files) three things occur that were never a problem with previous Droids. I'd love some way to "fix" all three of these:

• Windows UAC (User Account Control) opens, telling me that there is a new driver from Motorola that must be installed. I click YES ... and presumably it does install. But this happens EVERY time I connect the phone! I'd think that just one YES would be enough. How can I make this stop? (Turning off UAC isn't an option.)

• My browser opens to a page asking me to consider upgrading to Backup Assistant Plus. Truly annoying. Can this be turned off?

• My computer is set up so that double-clicking a JPG file will OPEN it in Photoshop. Not the JPG files on my phone, however. They're targeted to PREVIEW in Windows Photo Viewer. I'd like them to automatically open in Photoshop, like all other JPGs. This is a MINOR annoyance ... I can RIGHT-click these JPGs and choose OPEN from the context menu ... but I'd still like it to conform to how all other JPGs respond to a double-click. (The option of changing the default with "Open as" isn't available.)

Very grateful for any answers ... thanks very much!

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Re: Annoyance when plugging Razr into computer's USB
Customer Support


I can understand the concerns that you have brought forth. Ensuring that your information is backed up is important. The process should be a breeze and annoyance downplayed.

The UAC feature is an additional layer of security that was added by Microsoft for recent verisions of Windows. The feature may be disabled but Microsoft has advised that disabling the feature may cause a security threat to the computer.

In previous forum an answer has been provided towards stopping the Backup Assistant Plus information from appearing.

"When you plug in your phone, a little icon pops up in the notification bar, lower right corner of your screen.  It looks like a tiny, cartoonish little version of your phone.  Right click on it and it will give you options for what you want to happen when you plug in your phone"

To open up all JPG files in photoshop a setting in Photoshop may need to be altered to change this setting. This settings is typically with Edit > Perferences depending on which verision of photoshop is being used.

I hope that you find this information beneficial.

VZW Support
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Re: Annoyance when plugging Razr into computer's USB

Thanks for your help, but...........

I’ve been using a Droid X for the last couple of years, before getting this Razr. The problem with the UAC was NEVER an issue with the Droid X. Nothing has changed in Windows. This is a problem that did NOT exist with the Droid X, and it DOES exist with the Razr. Not Microsoft’s fault ... it’s a Droid problem.

Yes, I got the answer about the Backup Assistant thing ... fixed it. Thanks.

The setting for what happens when I double-click a JPG file in my phone has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Windows or with Photoshop. It is a problem with the phone ... period. The screen-shot on the left, below, shows the context menu when I right-click a JPG file on my hard drive ... the DEFAULT ACTION is in bold ... OPEN. The screen-shot on the right, below, shows the context menu when I right-click a JPG file on my phone ... the DEFAULT ACTION is in bold ... PREVIEW. That’s completely a function of the phone ... not Windows, not Photoshop.


Re: Annoyance when plugging Razr into computer's USB

Google changed the default mounting behavior of the Android devices from a mass storage mode to MTP (media) or CTP (camera) device from Android 4.0 and higher. It looks like the Razr is setup as a CTP more than a MTP. You will probably need to let the computer load the Motorola drivers to get the full connection function. I would also check the phone itself for what the default USB connection is.

There should be a way to stop the Backup Assistant message, but you should search this community for posts asking the question before to see if there were solution posted already.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.