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Beyond Frustrated with my phone and Verizon

I am really frustrated.

I have always loved Verizon and been a customer for some time. But over the past year or so, I have just been having more and more issues and become more frustrated with Verizon's customer service and the updates that are pushed onto my cell.

Every update that Verizon tosses out messes  up my phone and even factory resets do not fix the problems. I cannot  get answers like I used to from Verizon. Since the new update I cannot  check my voice mail. It dials the voice mail, but the screen remains  black and doesn't light up for me to enter my password or for me to type  anything. Sometimes I cannot even make outgoing calls. When this  happens, the only way I can use my phone again is to reboot it. And even  that isn't working properly.

I am also having a  problem with battery life. The phone doesn't stay charged during the  day, I have to almost always keep it on a charger, and it never gets to a  full charge even when it is on the charger all night. Today I have been  trying to move pics and music from my cell onto my computer and it is  as if the computer doesn't recognize my cell is hooked up.

I  never had issues until the updates. After gingerbread it took forever  for me to work out all the bugs and now jellybean has just made an even  bigger mess of my cell. I would love to get a new phone or maybe a  different phone, but I worry that I will still have issues every time a  new update is pushed out. Verizon's customer service isn't even what it  used to be, I don't have hours on hand to sit on the phone with a rep  who eventually says I need to go to a Verizon store where I will have to  sit for another few hours only to have the rep do another factory  reboot (I have already done two).  It seems Verizon is going downhill  when they used to be one of the best cell services out there. I hate to  leave after being a customer for so  many years, but this is ridiculous.

I am beyond frustrated and annoyed. Why have a cell and pay for service when I can't even use my phone properly?

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Re: Beyond Frustrated with my phone and Verizon

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