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Broken screen

I have an older Droid Turbo XT1254 which I have dropped too many time and the screen is fractured and unresponsive.  I have since purchased a new phone but kept the older one as it contains images that had not been backed up at the time of the damage.  I am able to connect to my home PC using the USB connection.  But as I can not unlock the fractured screen, I can not enable FTP to allow the ability to move the photos over to my PC.  I am considering screen replacement just to permit photo extraction if necessary.  Does anyone know of any other resolution?  Can it be as simple as removing the SIM card and using a SIM card reader?

Re: Broken screen
Customer Support

I would review the phones capabilities on the Motorola website or support contact.  Their may be a way to mirror the screen using a cable or perhaps a wireless transfer if you can somehow access the controls.  If the glass can be easily replaced that would be an option.  You can take it to a screen repair specialist or see if they have a kit on eBay.  They can be inexpensive if purchased online.  Hope this helps...