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Re: Calls going straight to voicemail

I have the same issue since the update, but in addition the to voicemail issue, my phone when calling a landline based number would act like it's calling out, then just say call ended.  Once I shut advanced calling off, and power cycled the phone, it works normal now.  Which is a shame because advanced calling was great, however I couldn't receive any calls unless the other person calling me was on an HD voice phone.

Re: Calls going straight to voicemail


My name is Jason.  I have a very similar problem with my phone ever since the update 21.44.8 I've been unable to receive calls. My droid turbo will not ring and will not show notification that a call had been missed. The only way that I am notified of a missed call is in the most fortunate circumstance that the caller leaves me a voicemail.

I have been having this problem on and off ever since the update and have made one previous call to Verizon customer service.   I did a soft reset and the problem was corrected for a few days and again intermittent from that point until now Dec 14' to present.

I called Verizon customer service on 01/31/2015. I talked to the first customer service representative who was unhelpful; he talked around the issue without offering solutions beyond what had already been tried, soft reset.

The second customer care (un-care) representative was a tier 2 employee and he insisted that it was not a Verizon network issue.

The first customer service representative told me he could not see the call that I had evidence of missing by a left voicemail, hence why I felt customer service rep one wasted my time.

The tier 2 representative informed me that it was a known Motorola issue. I was told, that the workaround was to, "power cycle the phone and not use the phone for 1 hour. You also cannot receive a call within that one hour or otherwise the error will occur and the phone will not receive calls." He also said that I would probably just have to wait for Motorola to come out with an update.

I was flabbergasted that this was a Verizon customer services response. I've a 9 year old daughter, I have family and others who depend on me.

The customer service representative then informed me that he would call Motorola when they opened at 9 o'clock. He informed me that he would promptly call me back at around 10AM.  I provided into numbers he could alternatively call me on.

At 4 p.m. I had not received the call back that I was informed to expect.

I made two more calls to representatives at Verizon later that afternoon. I spoke to another tier 2 representative who informed me that the only redress that I had in the situation was to switch plans to the edge plan and go purchase a new phone or to wait the 3 to 4 days for network support to troubleshoot. I was now offered a refurbished phone.

Interestingly, this customer service representative tried to set expectations, she kept trying to identify with me by using my first name, "what's the right solution for Jason".

My expectation was for the Verizon customer service representative that I called at 7AM to contact me back.  The solution, I thought that's what I was calling Verizon for.(?)

At this point I had been given about 5 different explanations for why my phone was not receiving calls. I informed each agent that the problem of not receiving calls was not it seemed contingent on either location, inbound phone number, cellular strength, or third party software; I had done a software reset twice at this point.

I spoke to yet another (#4) customer service representative who informed me that I should turn the advanced calling feature on. I informed him that I was on the phone and could not turn the feature on.  I requested that he call me back in roughly one and a half hours.

In a similar disrespectful manner I did not receive a call back.

I turned the advanced calling feature on power cycled my phone and again the problem persisted. I was not being notified of calls coming to my phone and the only notification I received was by voicemail notification.

On my final call to Verizon customer service (call #5) around 7 p.m Eastern Standard Time, I spoke to another customer service representative. I informed him that I would like a new phone sent to me on Monday. I was told that this is not within Verizon's policy and that he was unable to do this.

However, when asked if I could walk into a Verizon store, a corporate store, the possibility did exist that the store manager might replace my phone with a new phone. I informed him to send me a replacement phone of the remanufactured type and that I would go to the store on Monday morning.

Other information: I have four lines on my contract, the contract has been open since 2002. I used to rave about VZ customer service.

My best to anyone with a similar issue, if you find a solution please email me at the email below.

Warm regards,


US Air Force (Veteran)

Dissatisfied Verizon customer

>> Personal information removed to comply with the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service <<

Edited by:  Verizon Moderator

Re: Calls going straight to voicemail

good morning sir.. I would like to try and assist you here.. I am an end user.. not an employee of Verizon there are many like me that come and assist other customers figure things out.. so .. I will try to help going step by step so that we are both on the same page ..

I am sorry about the prior experience you have had.. and need you to understand I can not see any of your acct information and will only rely on what information you give to me.. or to any other that pick up where I leave off..

First I will let you know ,, I did work for many years for old Ma Bell. so I do have the experience in the communications part.. and tons in the customer service / SATISFACTION area..

to start,, I am going to confirm.. you are using a Droid Turbo,, all calls are automatically being sent to voice mail,, and this has been happening for a while.. am I correct.. I know you mentioned other features.. but ..the voice mail transfer and the no ring is where I would like to trouble shoot first..

I am seeing where other customers have had trouble with a few of the updates all at different time frames.. and their services are all working again..

I am going to pull a link and post it here so you know exactly what I am referring to and where I am gathering my information.. this is a link you have access to also..

Re: Calls going straight to voicemail

this link sir is to the owners manual for the phone you listed above

Droid Turbo by Motorola Support | Verizon Wireless

once you click on here.. there is two ways to access... I use my computer so here helping so many that I use the online.. by clicking just off center line on the link HOW TO USE  just above the words page contents...there is two was to go .,.. either troubleshooting.. or.. straight to settings and activation ..the settings and activations allows you to see HOW it should be in settings... this is where I believe it is the easiest to start.. and with the features.. example.. in order for calls to by pass the phone.. the call forwarding feature should be active.. .. From here I will wait to see if you reply.. and if I do not answer right away,, it means I have gone to sleep ,, but will check in the morning... I know others are still on line and hopefully if you return they can see what and how I started and continue from here in the same manner..

Re: Calls going straight to voicemail

My wife purchased a Samsung Galaxie S5 just prior to Thanksgiving. I reverted back to my Casio Rock from the Casio Comando. Shortly after her purchase, she began missing calls from everyone. Typically it would ring once or twice then go to voicemail, but her phone would not ring. Then it started going straight to voicemail. After going to our local Verizon store, corporate owned, we were referred to Verizon tech support. We have followed their directions with no resolution. Not long after our visit to the Verizon store, my phone began missing calls as well. They were able to resolve my issue with the Casio Rock for the most part, I receive about 90% percent of my calls with only occasional misses, but I no longer have Backup Assistant anymore. She still misses about 90% of her incoming calls.

After speaking with a few other people experiencing the same problems with multiple types of phones and reading the issues here, it can only be Verizon, not everyone's phone.

I originally changed to Verizon because they had cell service in locations that AT&T did not. Now Verizon is lacking in those areas and AT&T is not. This added to the current issues leaves much to be desired. As much as I would hate to switch carriers, if Verizon cannot resolve the issue, I will have to switch to another carrier.

The answer to talk to Tech support again, only to go through the same process with the same outcome is unacceptable and I will not do. My time is more valuable than sitting on the phone for 1+ hours to fix nothing.

Verizon needs to look into the issue, especially with as many complaints as there are logged. I t is a sad state that we depend so much on our cell phones and have to tolerate this type of issue with no resolution.

Re: Calls going straight to voicemail

How far are you from one of the retail stores? I would walk right in there and up to one in person.. hand them your phone and say fix this..

and yes days go by fast as does life.. to repeat the process over and over with no resolution doesn't make sense..

let alone speak with so many people only to hear them repeat almost word for word what was already said and done.. I miss the days of past when we actually received customer service  from all major services .. and surprised so many in a lot of different services have to go thru this especially with selections of carriers being large in most areas.. I hope you all get this resolved..

I am thinking about going back to the can and spring way

Re: Calls going straight to voicemail

I have almost the same issue, my daughters phone calls go directly to voicemai. It started with my iPhone 6, I just upgraded to an iPhone 8 and have the same issue. I‘ve checked my blocked numbers and her contact information and I neither find her number listed in the blocked list nor anything else that I think could cause issues. I just tried listing her in my favorite list but no change. I don’t think I have any other number with this issue, but who knows?