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Compatible chargers for Droid Maxx?

I've seen warnings that I should only use the charger that came in the box with the Droid Maxx. I'd like to know what specs I should look for when purchasing additional wall chargers and/or car chargers. I've heard that using the wrong type of charger can actually damage the battery. Is that true or will it just not charge it as fast? I have several chargers from my Droid Bionic I'd like to be able to use if possible, but I love the battery life on my new phone and don't want to damage it. Thanks!

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Re: Compatible chargers for Droid Maxx?

If they are Motorola branded chargers, you are probably in good shape.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Compatible chargers for Droid Maxx?

As long as the charger fits your phone, you are fine. Personally, I use a charger that I bought off of (it says on the charger itself) because the wire was much longer than the stock charger my Droid came with. I have used this same charger for 3 Droids now, and it works wonderfully.

The user's manual tells you to use the charger that the phone came with in order to avoid any liability issues should you choose to go jamming the wrong charger in the phone. It's basically just to cover themselves. But you can indeed use after-market chargers that fit the charging port for your Droid.