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Confused by Verizon customer service???

Having laid my phone down in the floor near a desk, I picked it up less than 10 minutes later.  When I looked at the phone, the screen was faded badly.  I contacted customer service.  This person said she had never heard of it happening and since it was under warranty Verizon would replace it.  While getting my information, I mentioned there was also a very, very thin black line partially on the screen.  She immediately decided it was broken and therefore my own fault.  She said that I would have to go through insurance and pay a $99 deductible to get it replaced.  I assured her there was no way it could be broken as my adult son and I were the only ones home.  He was no where near the phone during that short time.  I had not crushed it, stepped on it, dropped it or anything of the kind.  She insisted the screen was broken because of the black line.  I asked how she could know that and she said it was my description.   She and I went back and forth with this for several minutes.   I finally said for her to connect me to the insurance department as she had already made up her mind that the screen was broken and there was nothing I could say to change it.  I work for a "for profit" company and I know how it works.

Now I am out $99 and very frustrated with Verizon.  Of course they don't know that I'm not trying to scam them in any way, but I don't understand the complete turnaround of this person insisting now that it was broken and was "going by your description".  Yes, I spend a fair amount of money each month and have been a customer since the mid 90's, etc., etc,. as everyone else, but it seems to me that they would care about keeping a customer who does pay the monthly bill on time and rarely contacts them for any issues or problems.   Having someone see it in person works much better than someone guessing what is wrong over the phone. What happened to the instore people who repaired them?  These days all the stores do is sell you a phone and accessories after hanging around for 45 minutes waiting to see a store rep.  I prefer to stay with Verizon, but the customer service is somewhat lacking these days.  I have to say I am rethinking about whether to stay with them or not and I'm certainly no longer will sing their praises.

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Re: Confused by Verizon customer service???

It's actually probably better that you told her that, because if you did go through warranty and they saw that they would have charged you for a damaged device fee, so going through insurance was probably better.

Re: Confused by Verizon customer service???
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They deal with these issues all day long from customer after customer.  The screen could have easily cracked previously and only now caused a problem.  Warranty issues are handled directly with Verizon.  Insurance, if you bought it, is a totally separate company and does not involve Verizon.  You have to file a claim with your insurance company.