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Daily manual reboot required after charging

I have had my Droid Razor Maxx for 3 weeks. Since day I have to perform a daily reboot after left on charger overnight. The battery fully charges and I have a message light on. However, to actually turn on my phone I have to hold down the power and volume button for 10 seconds...EVERY MORNING...

I have heard and performed all the storied Verizon gives me..empty casche-done. I have turned every single app to "manual" update vs automatic as they told me an app may be auto updating causing the shut down (don't know how I got a Zappo's app but it was constantly updating.)

The new story Verizon tells me is that the shutdown was due to "a recent update...we are working on a new update to fix this bug"

I'm so ready to be done...someone tell me they are working on an update...PLLLEEEAAASE!

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Re: Daily manual reboot required after charging
Sr. Member

Ask the Verizon tech rep at your local carrier store to reload JB. If that doesn't fix it, they should replace the device. Good Luck!

Re: Daily manual reboot required after charging
Customer Support

Congratulations on your new Razr Maxx,kmum357!
I regret to see that you are having problems with it after it is fully charged. I need additional information from you. When you charge it overnight, is it powered on or off?
You already mentioned that you have done troubleshooting steps that have been provided, therefore, I don't want you to repeat any unnecessary steps.
Have we asked you to try to charge while in Safe Mode?
Are you using any of the Smart Actions If so, I also ask that you disable them to test the charging again.
Please let me know your results.

Tamara H.
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